Beat From Badsville - Trash Classics From Lux And Ivy`s Vinyl Mountain, Vol. 2

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Music is a voyage of strange opportunity. Out there, if you look hard enough, you’ll find crazed visionaries, half deaf creatives, lunatics let loose with whistles, juvenile delinquents with a notepad and pen and people who, quite frankly, have no time for the theory of pop. Thank God! This collection brings together two dozen songs by such people, tunes that don’t fall into any easy categories and give short shrift to the context of “classic” or traditional songwriting. This is the stuff of legend, the beat from Badsville.

In this collection we bring together chickens and party animals of all kinds. There’s Homer Denison Jr’s cautionary tale of teenage car racing that refers directly to James Dean’s movie antics. There’s Mel Smith And The Night Riders’ crazed guitar and cowbell battle on ‘Pretty Plaid Skirt’ sitting neatly alongside the wonderfully named Dicky Doo And The Don’ts rebel-friendly ‘Wild Party’. And, our selection of chickens continues with the seminal ‘Pickin’ On The Wrong Chicken’, a veritable JD gem by The Five Stars and The Jerry Lee-powered ’99 Chicks’ by Ron Haydock And The Boppers, a rollicking rocker that’s preceded by the demented and quite disturbing melody of ‘Baby Brother’ by Bill Carter.

This set also focuses on half a dozen of the tougher ladies. Wanda Jackson, Betty McQuaid and Priscilla Bowman all possess a scary rasp in their vocal, especially McQuaid who sounds like she prepared for the session by gargling some home-distilled hooch. Indeed, they all tell it like it is and stick to their man – perfect! Meanwhile, a further three angry babes get even: The seemingly serene Linda Leigh, whose delivery on ‘My Guy’ has a modern punkiness, offloads some lip curling advice to her other half in squealing brevity, while Bella Lee’s ‘Two Timin’ Man’ lays down the law in front of some pure barrelhouse boogie. Finally, one of the earliest cuts here, 1952’s ‘Drive, Daddy, Drive’ by Little Sylvia has all the swagger of a jive daddy-bating tease.

All of these tunes have been raved over by The Cramps’ legendary Lux and Ivy through various radio shows and interviews over the years. Capturing the excitement that comes from discovering a spine tingling or simply ‘out there’ record, Lux and Ivy have inspired many a generation to dig deep in the crates and uncover all kinds of strange music. While offbeat vocals and bizarre lyrics are par for the course, there’s always plenty of room for deranged instrumentals where possible with sound effects. The Rialtos’ ‘Like Thunder’ delivers the bad weather forecast with a rumbling flurry, The Lifeguards’ utilise the warning whistle and bell to get everyone out of that pool and ‘Red Headed Flea’ by The Caps is full of blood-curdling screams. Johnny And The Hurricanes offer rhythmic electronic organ facing off against sax and twangy guitar with a groaning bass in the background and Terry Snyder’s cut from the cash-in LP set ‘Persuasive Percussion’ features his stylistic bongo playing on an incessant, claustrophobic, mind-bending gem. Even without the sound effects, the instrumental proves to be the backbone of rock ‘n’ roll as Ronnie Ray’s Playboys’ tempered guitar neck-bender ‘The Vulture’, a brooding cross between Link Wray and Duane Eddy, ably proves.

Lux and Ivy’s recommendations have often featured the darker side of doo wop and, this double vinyl collection brings together six cuts from the often overlooked genre. From its heyday in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, we kick off with The Kuf-Linx’s ‘Service With A Smile’ a soulful nugget complete with a glorious hook, closely followed by the tongue-twisting phrasing of the Quotations’ ‘Imagination’ which is just haunting, even on some of the cornier lines. In doo-wop it seems that there’s always room for a bit of horror exploitation too as The Symbols’ ghoulish ‘Do The Zombie’ and The Revels under-stated ‘Midnight Stroll’ adequately display. But, we’re back to the studio trickery and sound effects for the thunder-heavy ‘Stormy Weather’ by The Five Sharps, a priceless cacophony no less, the direct opposite of the sweet toothed ‘Ice Cream Baby’ The Pearls. A homage to the iced cone, it’s a light piece of frippery with some of the most wince-inducing lines ever, including the comparison of the singer’s girl’s eyes to pistachios. They don’t write them like that any more.

This collection is an exotic trip into the off-kilter world of recordings, many of them independent, which sprang up all over the US during the ‘50s. It’s filled with sounds that will stop you in your tracks and the best news is, there’s so much more out there. Keep digging.

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Spooky Doo Wop And Insane Harmonies
1. The Kuf-Linx - Service With A Smile 2:18
2. The Quotations – Imagination 2:11
3. The Symbols - Do The Zombie 2:23
4. The Revels - Midnight Stroll 2:32
5. The Five Sharps - Stormy Weather 2:37
6. The Pearls - Ice Cream Baby 2:10

Angry Babes Getting Even
7. Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad 2:42
8. Betty McQuade - Tongue Tied 2:08
9. Priscilla Bowman With Al Smith’s Orchestra - A Spare Man 2:35
10. Little Sylvia - Drive, Daddy, Drive 2:32
11. Bella Lee - Two Timin' Man 2:02
12. Linda Leigh And Treasure Tones - My Guy 1:37

Rumbling Rhythms And Wildcat Whistling
13. The Rialtos Featuring Freddie Thomas - Like Thunder 2:11
14. Ronnie Ray's Playboys - The Vulture 2:41
15. The Caps - Red Headed Flea 2:01
16. Terry Snyder - Rock-A-Bongo Boogie 2:21
17. Johnny And The Hurricanes - Bam-Boo 2:23
18. The Lifeguards - Everybody Out'ta The Pool 2:18

Chickens And Other Party Animals
19. Homer Denison Jr. - Chickie Run 2:44
20. Mel Smith And The Night Riders - Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox) 2:33
21. Dicky Doo And The Don'ts - Wild Party 2:18
22. The Five Stars - Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken 2:11
23. Bill Carter And The Rovin’ Gamblers - Baby Brother 2:17
24. Ron Haydock And The Boppers - 99 Chicks 2:01

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