Shake-O-Rama - Vol. 2/Various Artists

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Impatience peaked, the music-loving hordes could no longer wait. While the Beach 'n' Strip compilations had been followed up, the inaugural Shake-O-Rama remained sadly single. But today the sun shines again, with these 16 songs of pure unadulterated pleasure for dancefloor boogie bugs and groove-a-gogo grandees!

The thundering intro has Freddy Houston howling out “I Gotta Move”. Margaret Whiting’s “Pretty-Eyed Baby” is a famous twist steeped in blues. Next up, The Portraits forcefully implore us to “Keep On Dancin’” in their eminently festive “We're Gonna Party”.
Yet again, in the space of a mere 40 mins, the hairy disc jockey from Bordeaux staggers listeners with the sheer variety of his tunes (Rhythm 'n' Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, Boogaloo… and of course good ol’ Rock n’ Roll, with The Dalmatians’ squeaky clean “Rock'n Time”), as well as the superb quality of these fabulous 45 rpms, with certain grands crus over 60 years young!

Side A

1- Freddie Houston - I Gotta Move

2- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Little Demon

3- Margaret Whiting - Pretty Eyed Baby

4- Barbara And Brenda - Let’s Get Together

5- The Portraits - We’re Gonna’ Party

6- Jimmy Breedlove - Don’t Let It Happen

7- Dinah Washington - Soulville

8- Arthur Alexander - Pretty Girls Everywhere

Side B

1- The Parkettes - El Matador

2- Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins - sayido

3- Danny White - The Twitch

4- Billy Brown - Next

5- Vince Everett - Livin’ High

6- The Dalmatians - Rock’n Time

7- Erma Franklin - Don’t Wait Too Long

8- Johnny And The Debonaires - The Jay Hawk