The Crazy Rhythms Of Mata Hari - Various Artists

6,00 EUR
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CD version of the limited Stag-O-Lee double-vinyl with different cover.

The Spoonful CDs are being compiled by a dozen collectors and DJs. We believe that you can well mix early/gritty Soul, Rockin‘ Blues, some cool Rockabilly and Rock & Roll, wild Rhythm & Blues and even some early Jamaican stuff as well as some Muzak-free Exotica (mainly leftfield R&B-Tunes) to create a party. Sometimes we mix it all on one disc, sometimes there are specials. These comps are aimed straight at the dancefloor (but they work well in the car or on the home stereo). The Spoonful CDs are self-toasted (unless otherwise noted) on printed CDs with nicely designed artwork in a jewel box. All done with love!