Johnny Burnette - The Many Rock 'n' Roll Sides Of....

6 x 7" Box
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Deluxe 7" boxset (Hard Cardboard) with 6 singles 45rpm. Limited to 500 copies. Guaranteed to go fast.

Johnny Burnette together with his Rock´n´Roll Trio turned out to be, without pretending it, one of the fundamental foundations of 50’s rockabilly. The reality is that this trio made up by Johnny, Dorsey and Paul did not last much together and their fame is based only on a dozen of tracks recorded in 1956 which became some of the wildest examples of teenage southern rage. 
Great beyond those recordings it is true that Johnny Burnette always had rock’n’roll present in his life until his early death in 1964. In this box set we collect 24 good examples of this fact, from his 1956’s wild rockabilly recordings to the maturity of his sound at the beginning of 1960, stepping over country pop and the duets with his brother, Dorsey. A complete tour in rock’n’roll clef through the career of a one-off and unique artist.

EP 1
Side A:
Tear It Up
Sweet Love On My Mind
Side B:
Your Baby Blue Eyes
Honey Hush

Side A:
Blue Stay Way From Me
Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
Side B:
If You Want It Enough
Touch Me

Side A:
Warm Love
Boppin' Rosalie
Side B:
Do Baby Do
My Honey

Side A:
Just Keep On Goin'
Mule Boy
Side B:
Crazy Legs
Wampus Cat

Side A:
Settin' The Woods On Fire
Ballad Of The One-Eyed Jacks
Side B:
Little Boy Sad
Bigger Man

Side A:
Me And The Bear
Sweet Baby Doll
Side B:
Sweet Suzie
What A Summer Day