Marcel Bontempi - Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes/Demos & Recordings 2009 - 2014

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Vinly comes inna gatefold sleeve with an extra 7" and extensive liner-notes.
All 21 tracks can be found on the digipak CD, extensive linernotes in the 16 page booklet.

Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes is the solo output from 2009 to 2014 of the artist known as Marcel Bontempi. Unearthed from record bins all over Europe and the dusty archives of little known speciality labels from as far afield as Frankfurt and Beverungen to Malaga, we've painstakingly gathered together what we feel is the most comprehensive collection of this twisted genius's recordings.

Born Marcel Sala Kelkel sometime in the early 1970's to a German mother and a Catalan father, Marcel's father, an accomplished sculptor in his own right, encouraged the creative streak in his son, with doodling, drawing and painting taking up most of his waking hours although it wasn't long before this simply wasn't enough and the young Marcel discovered music. Soon his affair with the devil's music began….

Around 1994 Marcel formed the band that would eventually become The Montesas. The Montesas released quite a few records over the years and is still an active band. During 2013-2014 Marcel had been exploring his own personal take on 'Hillbilly' and more 'rootsy' styles, forming yet another combo, this time going under the moniker of Dr Bontempi's Snake Oil Co, with releases on Squoodge Records.  

Throughout the years of playing or singing in bands, and still true to this day, Marcel has recorded solo material, from Rockabilly and harmonious Doo Wop to R&B, taking well known classics and warping them to his own vision or borrowing an obscure hillbilly song and adding a mambo, salsa or beat influence to the mix, making it something unique. This album showcases just a small fraction of his recordings made over the years, they cross genres and styles, some originals, some cover versions.  Some from as far back as the 40's and into the 50's and 60's but they all bear the unmistakable sound and imprint of Mr Bontempi…….


1. Dig A Hole (Bop Version)
2. Shag Rag
3. Big Fat Spider
4. Spiderman
5. Bull Frog
6. Do The Frog
7. Old Mad Witch
8. Train To Satanville
9. Race With The Devil
10. Train Of Sin
11. Witch Girl
12. Headless Horseman
13. Living Death
14. Just Dropped In *
15. So Schön *
16. Sunday Evening Blues *
17. Big Fat Spider (Alt. Version) *
18. Dig A Hole (Stroll version)
19. I’m So Lonely *
20. Lovesick Stroll *
21. Tarantula Mambo *
LP: A-Side 1-9 - B-Side 10-18 - 7”: 19-21
* previously unrelased

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