Wynn Stewart - Come On/Slowly But Surely

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50s Rockabilly in a nice 4-colour sleeve on Sleazy Records.

Wynn Stewart. Born in Morrisville, Missouri, on June 7, 1934. Died in Hendersonville, Tennessee, on July 17, 1985.  One of the West Coast Country Music icons of the 1950s and 1960s, Winford Lindsey Stewart was singing in church at the age of 5, playing guitar at 8 and performing on the radio by the time he was 13. The son of a sharecropper farmer who frequently moved his wife, son and two daughters in the search of better job opportunities, such precocious talent found the perfect environment to develop his musical attitudes in California, where the whole family settled in 1948. Before graduating from High School, Wynn was already playing around the Golden State with his own band, shaping a distinctive singing style which would result in a long and highly influential career that took off in 1954 with some recordings made for the small independent label Intro Records.
Due to his likeable nature and an always busy schedule as a performer, Wynn had the chance to meet many singers and musicians along the way and it was thanks to one of them, the great Skeets McDonald, that he was soon signed to Capitol Records, where Ken Nelson produced an string of single releases during 1956 and 1957, although only “Waltz of the Angels” enjoyed some minor chart action. But these recordings proved not unsuccessful at all: songs like “The Keeper of the Key”, later covered by Buck Owens and Porter Wagoner, or “You Took Her Off My Hands”, revised by Ray Price, helped to define the so-called Bakersfield sound, of which Wynn Stewart would become one of its most influential figures. “Slowly But Surely”, originally released together with “The Keeper of the Key”, is included here as a good sample of Stewart’s early Capitol recordings. By the way, Eddie Cochran played guitar on both songs.
When his Capitol contract expired, Wynn moved to Jackpot, a short-live subsidiary of Challenge Records. His first release for the label embraced the contemporary Rock’n’Roll sounds just the same way other Country artists had done before. However, Wynn Stewart did not hide his name behind any alias, like Buck Owens or George Jones did when they made some Rockin’ cuts as Corky Jones and Thumper Jones, respectively. “Come On” (an alt. version is included on this record) and “School Bus Love Affair” were both written by Wynn himself but, while the first is a great piece of late 50s Rockabilly, the second found inspiration in the Pop-orientated songs that were selling records in 1958. Anyway, fiddles and steel guitars were taken back quickly and, after four more sides for Jackpot (including a pair of notable duets with Jan Howard, the wife of songwriter Harlan Howard), by the end of 1959 Wynn Stewart’s records were being released under Challenge label.
In the next few years, moderate hits like “Wishful Thinking”, “Big Big Love” or “Another Day, Another Dollar” together with other great tracks as “Playboy”, “Heartaches for a Dime” or “Big City” would sustain Wynn’s strong reputation. Although quite far from the sales level of his friend Buck Owens, he always remained a favorite among Country Music fans, doing regular radio and TV appearances and touring constantly all over the country.
In 1964, singer/producer/music publisher Cliffie Stone urged Ken Nelson to re-sign Wynn Stewart and, even though in his autobiography Nelson define Wynn as “the most aggravating artist” he ever had to deal with due to “his penchant for not answering phone calls and not showing up for sessions”, this second period at Capitol produced not only several hit singles but also the only number one in Wynn’s career, “It’s Such a Pretty World Today”.
Stewart kept recording during the seventies for different companies (RCA, Playboy, Atlantic, 4 Star or his own Win Records), scoring his last Top Ten hit in 1976 and partially retiring in the next decade. He died of a heart attack in 1985, the day he was to leave on tour to promote a recent release on his label, Pretty World.

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