A-Phonics - Els A-Phonics And Friends

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Featuring: Deke Dickerson, Mike Barbwire, John Blair, Fernando Pardo (Los Coronas), Nokie Edward (The Ventures), Mario Cobo + Dani Ne.lo (Mambo Jambo), Johnny Bartlett (Untamed Youth).

„Without reverb there’s no surf music.” That’s what Eddie Bertrand told me in February 2010. The pioneer of the genre, former leader of The Belairs or Eddie & the Showmen, was the first music legend that Els A-Phonics opened for. Eddie fell in love with them and with good reason. There aren’t many bands that understand surf music like Els A-Phonics. They know the importance of the interplay between two guitars, the value of a good rhythm with a “wet,” reverb-drenched sound, a solid bass line, and a good surf drummer who plays with energy and knows a variety of techniques. But Mr. Rebel left this world too soon. They weren’t able to record together on that occasion and Eddie died in 2012. It would be different with Nokie Edwards. It was the first time a member of The Ventures played on Spanish soil and he left behind the memories of an unforgettable concert and a studio recording with his new Valencian friends. That wasjust the beginning of this album. The rest was yet to come.
It was May 15th 2014 in a small studio in the outskirts of Valencia, the night before the eleventh Surforama festival. It was there that band members from The Untamed Youth, The Phantom Surfers, The Barbwires and the maestro John Blair, of John and the Nightriders, came together. It didn’t matter if they were from Missouri, California, Stockholm, or Valencia that day, they were like an old group of friends. Everyone rose to the occasion, but I have to say that Deke Dickerson was ridiculously amazing. He only heard his track a few times before recording. He recorded three takes. Each one was a little different. All of them were amazing. What happened next with Fernando Pardo (Los Coronas), Mario Cobo and Dani Nel.Lo (both from Mambo Jambo) doesn’t need much explanation. They are three of the best rock-n-roll musicians in this country and three of instrumental music's greatest lovers.
Surely there are a lot of other friends that could have been included, but these guys couldn't be left out. It may sound like a cliche, but it need to be said " It's a "good moment" for Surf music in Spain. But sometimes it's a dead-end street. New bands keep coming out even though they know that few will last. A lot of groups will come and go, but some will make it, some will leave a footprint that won't get washed away by the waves. I think Els A-Phonics will be among the chosen few and that this album will be remembered.
"Diego R J" (El Sotano de Radio 3)

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