The Impacs - Complete King Singles And Beyond

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The Impacs were born in 1960, although the core of the band had been brewing since 1956, when a young Bobby Barnes was shocked seeing Elvis Presley on stage in his native St. Petersburg, Florida.
Although the band members changed several times, the backbone of The Impacs were Bobby Barnes drums and vocals, Vic Waters lead vocals, Jay Angello, guitar, Chuck Kaniss, vocals and rhythm guitar, & Tony Brown, bass.    These five youngsters were without any doubt the most active rock´n´roll band in the Tampa Bay area in the early 60´s, touring as part of Dick Clark's Show, and sharing the stage with big names such as Roy Orbison, Brenda Lee, Gene Pitney or The Dovells.
The band recorded their first single for Cameo Parkway in 1963 but it was the following year when they signed with King Records, releasing five singles and 2 Lps, showing perfectly how versatile The Impacs can be, covering without any problems genres as diverse as doo wop, rock´n´roll, surf and garage.
Here is, for the first time ever, a collection of The Impacs best songs for King Records, their complete 5 singles along with another couple of good rockers that only appeared in their long deleted first LP.
So switch on your pick up, turn volume loud and get ready for the Impacs' ROCK'N'ROLL IMPACT!

Side A:
Good, Good, Lovin'
Shimmy Shimmy
Your Mama Put The Hurt On Me
Cape Kennedy, Fla
Kool It

Side B:
Ain't That The Way Life It
Don't Cry Baby
Black Lace
She Didn't Even Say Hello
Two Strangers

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