La Noire - Vol. 4/Glory Is Coming!

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Brothers and Sisters no matter what your faith or belief is, Dog House and Bone Records in France has issued another rare LP pressing of original 45rpm records from the vast archives of Bayourod.

C. S. Lewis once said that he believed in a God as he believed that the Sun had risen. Not only because he had seen the literal light, but because of it, he was able to see everything else. Seeing is believing, and so is hearing, “Glory is Coming!”

Side A :

  1. Mini Your Dress Is Too Short - Madame Nellie Robinson

  2. The Battle Of Jeri

  3. cho - The Pilgrim Travelers

  4. I Can See So Much - Reverend Cleophus Robinson

  5. Something - Mighty Golden bells

  6. God's Got It - Reverend Cleophus Robinson

  7. You Can't Make Me Doubt - The Gospelaires

  8. Take Me By My hand - Ray Grums

Side B :

  1. Who Rolled The Stone Away - Marie Knight

  2. I'm On My Way - Mahalia Jackson

  3. I'm Getting Richer - The Famous Word Singers

  4. Glory Is Coming - Sunset Travelers

  5. It's Been A Change - The Staple Singers

  6. God Is Coming - C.B.S. Trumpeteers

  7. Morning Train - Reverend Charlie Jackson

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