King Salami & The Cumberland Three - Camel Hop

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Great 4-track 7“ by London-based Rhythm & Blues-punk sensation King Salami & The Cumberland Three! Camel Hop starts off with the King Salami original - a stompin' tune with a big portion of rock'n'roll and evil saxophone. The second song is One Arabian Night, originally by The Four Tophatters - a hypnotic exotica-R&B dancer. Their interpretation of Persians Twist, an R&B-Popcorn rarity by Herb Zane, is both crazy and magic with the King's frantic howling and his mad laugh. Finally, the EP finishes with Snake Dance, a shakin' instrumental with a mystically oriental saxophone that will take you on a wild magic carpet ride through One Thousand and One Nights. Camel Hop is a masterpiece of Rhythm & Blues with a punky attitude and a magic touch of the Orient! So you better get yourself a copy and do the Camel Hop!