The Fuzztones - Snake Oil

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Hier finden sich satte 38 Raritäten (gut 90% Studiosongs!) aus der 31-jährigen Geschichte der Garagengötter, darunter 81er CBGB’s Aufnahmen des allerersten Line-Ups, Tracks von Tribut-Compilationen (Sky Saxon, Davie Allen, Ramones), B-Seiten, Kick Out The Jams (live mit Ian Astbury), jede Menge Studio-Outtakes, Klassiker im Fuzztones Sound ( Hey Joe, It Ain't Necessarily So, 96 Tears), Radio Ads, Tunes für andere Comps und Magazinbeilagen etc. Das Werk kommt mit 8-seitigem Booklet und vielen Fotos und Informationen zu den Tracks. Auf Third Ear, einem Label aus Israel.

CD 1
1. You Must Be A Witch
2. 53rd & Third (From Ramones Tribute Album)
3. Face Of Time (45 Version From 2000 Line-up W/ Jake Cavalierre)
4. Hey Joe
5. Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (Never Released Alternate Version)
6. French Radio Ad (late 80's)
7. They're Gonna Take You Away (from Lost In Tyme Magazine Comp)
8. Kick Out The Jams (Live With Ian Astbury)
9. Blood From A Stone
10. Salem Witch Trial (From Psychedelica Compilation LP)
11. Out Of Our Tree (From Misty Lane "Help Murder Police" EP)
12. Help Murder Police (From Misty Lane "Help Murder Police" EP)
13. My Brother The Man (45 Version From 2000 Line-Up W/ Jake Cavalierre)
14. It Ain't Necessarily So (Unreleased)
15. A Wristwatch Band (alternate Version From Las Vegas Shutdown Comp CD)
16. 96 Tears
17. Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio Ad
18. Gloria (Live COMPLETE Version - Never Released, w/ Rat Scabies & Dr. & The Medics)

CD 2
1. Bad Part Of Town (Sky Saxon Tribute Album)
2. Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye (Lysergic Emanations Line-Up Live)
3. Writing On The Wall
4. Blues Theme (Studio Version From Davie Allan Tribute Album, "Evil Fuzz")
5. The People In Me
6. Beg Borrow & Steal
7. She Told Me Lies (Live 1984 Version Of Chesterfield Kings Hit Sung By Bassist Michael Jay)
8. Get Naked (Alternate Version From Dark Zone Mexican 45)
9. Hallucination Generation (Alternate Version For Dark Zone Mexican 45 - Features James Lowe Of Electric Prunes On Guest Vocals)
10. Romilar D (In Espanol)
11. I've Got A Way With Girls (From "He Put The Bomp" Comp)
12. Leave Your Mind Behind (Bonus Track On US Version Of Preaching To The Perverted)
13. Pipe Dream (ORIGINAL Line-Up Live - 1981 CBGBs)
14. Talk Talk (ORIGINAL Line-Up Live - 1981 CBGBs - Bassist Randy Pratt - Lead Vocals)
15. Oh Those Eyes (From Ansia De Color Magazine Comp)
16. Just Like Me
17. Brand New Man 2003 (From Misty Lane "Help Murder Police" EP)
18. Epilogue