Stomp On It! - A Stag-O-Lee Shakedown/Various Artists

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Die letzten Kopien! Wir hatten noch Rest-Digipaks, die wir mit selbstgebrannten CDs füllen. Für nur 3 Euronen gibt es hier eine Stunde hochoktanigen Gitarren Rock & Roll von aktuellen Stag-O-Lee Bands. Nur noch hier erhältlich.

17 Tracks total, davon gleich 9 rar und unveröffentlicht und 8 Burner von den aktuellen Platten.

Mit dabei:
01. Cut In The Hill Gang – Soul To Waste
i fell in love with the band the second i heard this. from the hung up lp/cut down cd.
02. The Fuzztones – Between The Lines
a lysergic rocker taken from the brandnew preaching to the perverted lp/cd.
03. Tav Falco & Panther Burns – Real Cool Trash
the panther burns on a chainsaw ride. non-album b-side from administrator blues 7”.
04. Tokyo Sex Destruction – It's Gonna Be Alright
everything said in 1:21 minutes. taken from the neighborhood cd.
05. The Fabulous Penetrators – Catching Up On Me
a manic rocker culled from the with love lp/cd. bassman clem on vocals.
06. Tokyo Sex Destruction – Move It
one of many great track from the amazing the neighborhood album
07. Saint Silas Intercession – All About The Money
pre-miraculous mule. a monster a-side that truly deserved the cat.-nr. stag-o-oo1
08. Tav Falco's Panther Burns – Blind Man
taken from the behind the magnolia curtain deluxe reissue. First releases in 1980.
09. Cut In The Hill Gang – Hats Off Boogie
non album 7”-a-side by the ohio boys. a tribute to their heroes…
10. Miraculous Mule – Downbound Train
the chuck berry classic given a heavy psych treatment. From their self-titled vinyl only debut 10”
11. Link Protrudi & The Jaymen – Tequila
the fuzztones frontman on instrumental trio mode. from the forthcoming naked crisco twister party lp.
12. The Fuzztones – Salem Witch Trial
only appeared on lsd 25 on rudi’s own label. reissued on get back, but deleted.
13. The Excellos - Got Along Way To Go
brandnew and exclusive track taken from their second album due in fall 2011
14. The Fabulous Penetrators – Ain't Got You
previously unreleased. recorded at toerag studios during the with love sessions.
15. Tav Falco & Panther Burns – Sympathy For Mata Hari
a homage to the jet-setting double agent who toyed with men's hearts. from conjurations lp/cd
16. Cut In The Hill Gang – Serves Me Right To Suffer
from the all-covers-album mean black cat. intense jam on the john lee hooker classic.
17. Miraculous Mule – Grinning In Your Face
the chain gang from london. an exclusive cut from the sessions for their debut 10”.

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