Fire Of Love - Vol.1

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Killer comp of the moodiest doom laden late 50's/early 60's Rockers – kind of like Stag-O-Lee's Gunsmoke series. Done by the guy behind Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Cash-A-Likes and others. Great artwork by Olaf Jens. On Be! Sharp.

Side A
1. Jody Reynolds: Fire Of Love
2. Joey Castle & The Daddy-O’s: Wild Love
3. Johnny Garner: Little Starry Eyes
4. Kip Tyler: Shadow Street
5. Larry O’keefe: Love’s Dream
6. Jackie Lee Cochran: Georgia Lee Brown
7. Kenny Loran & The Laurels: Lonely Boy
8. Rodney Scott: Bitter Tears
9. Clyde Stacy & His Nitecaps: So Young

Side B
1. Hayden Thompson: Watcha Gonna Do
2. Mac Curtis: The Low Road
3. Darry Weaver: Edge Of Town
4. Johnny Guidry: The Place
5. The Renowns: Wild One
6. Sanford Clark: Still As The Night
7. Frank Evans & The Topnotchers: I’d Like To Start Again
8. Allen Page: I Wish You Were Wishing
9. Don Ellis & Royal Dukes: Blue Fire

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