Down At The Ugly Men's Lounge - Vol. 3

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10" plus CD. Compiled by bandleader, top-musician and cult-TV-host Götz Alsmann.

Rhythm & Roll! Tropical Tempos! Exotic Dancing! Popcorn!

Our jukebox is peppered with preciosities of the music history until 1962: rock & roll, rhythm & blues, mambos, cha chas, exotic sounds and unbelievable strange stuff!

The history of music holds more secrets than you could imagine… „Down At The Ugly Men’s Lounge“ will give you a hand to uncover a few of them.

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Tracklist:Vol. 3
Side A
1.Open the Door Richard // Bill Doggett and His Combo
2.Bla, Bla, Bla Cha Cha Cha// Titus Turner and Mort Garson Orchestra
3.Rex The Hex // The King's Jesters
4.Rockin' The Keys // Jose Melisand His Piano
5.Lookout // Savinaand The Love Orchestra
6.Minor Mad // Roby Davis
7.All Or Nothing At All (Take Your Lips Offa My Cheek) // Page Cavanaugh Trio

Side B
1.Sister Jenny // The Four Hues & George Cates Orchestra
2.Guitar Rock // Irving Ashby
3.Walking Together // Reed Harper & The Notes
4.NiteTrain to Wabash // Billy Wayne Combo
5.The Girl With The Swingin' Derriere // Ruth Wallis & Jimmy Carroll Orchestra
6.Rock'n'Roll Cha Cha Cha// The Shepherd Sisters
7.Abdullahs Pets// Henri de Pari

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