Mambo, Cha Ch Cha & Calypso - Vol. 3: Blues Session

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El Vidocq pursues his ‘Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha & Calypso’ voyage with this third, vitamin-D-rich ensemble: ‘Blues Session’. Following in the footsteps of the feminine first volume and insane second ensemble, he here exploresthe rawest roots of this warm, sun-drenched music. What a delight to discover these groovy tunes from the ‘50s and ‘60s uniquely fusing R’n’B, Rock n’ Roll and Blues. Memphis Slim, Johnny Otis and other legends here loosen up to welcome exotic south-of-the-border influences. Noro Morales and his piano return to their sunny roots, while Sir Lancelot’s voice accompanies a beach bonfire and Eddie Bo declares his love for island melodies... Jukebox Music Factory shares with you an austral archipelago of ageless charms!

Side A
1-The Charms - Mambo Sh-Mambo
2-Eddie Bo - We Like Mambo
3-The Charioteers - Don’t Play No Mambo
4-Larry Ligett - Perdido Mambo
5-Les Brown - They Were Doing The Mambo
6-Pedro J. Belisarion - Merengue Tropical
7-Johnny Otis Orchestra - Mambo Boogie
8-The Rockin' Rebels – Wild Weekend Cha Cha Cha

Side B
1-Johnny Pate Combo - Cha Cha Blues
2-The Eternals - Rock’n Roll Cha-Cha
3-Sir Lancelot - Karange
4-Noro Morales & His Orchestra - Mississipi Mambo
5-The Harp-Tones - Mambo Boogie
6-Memphis Slim - Guitar Cha Cha Cha
7-John Greer - We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo
8-Dave Barbour And His Orchestra – Guitar Mambo

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