Enma Fernandez - Prado!

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With Prado!, Fernández displays an elegant and fine work where he has brought the latin influences one step beyond. Blow by blow, the enfant terrible of piano breaks into the field of mambo with a wink to the leading figures of the genre as Pérez Prado, Bebo Valdés or Machito.

On the first cut —which entitles the EP— Prado! Fernández' hands are taking over. So that they steal the show over the voice, as the piano becomes the core of this superb instro in the style of the mighty big bands of the 40s, 50s and 60s.
B-Side is reserved to the second track. A reminder to stand up and dance where Emma Fernández' voice takes action as a narrator that invite us to deep-plunge ourselves on the story of Manny Machine.
The perfect combination between percussion, horns and the unrivalled piano style of Enma Fernández will floods us with a distinctive taste of mambo that searches the growht of complicity upon the audience and the classic atmosphere of the mid-60s ballrooms.

Once again Fernández gives birth to Prado! surrounding himself with renowned and virtuous musicians on percussion, horns... that shape together fitting one to another with the talent and energy on every live performance of this piano player.

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