Diabolik Ungawa - Old Tunes Selected by Mike Turner

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This is the secound volume of a serie that DOGHOUSE & BONE dedicatet to the french GARAGE scene. This DIABOLIK UNGAWA represent a musical set from the historical COSMIC TRIP Festival DJ host, Mike Turner, aka BEAT BROTHERS. A nice selection from his many 45's, delevering the cream of Beat, Hammond, R'n'Blues, Surf, Garage and Exotica..

Side 01 01. "The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramps / O.C. Smith" 02. "Flash / The Duke Of Burlington" 03. "Mainsqueeze / Johnny Thompson" 04. "Forbidden Island / The Islanders" 05. "Le Jerk A Pop? / Andre Verchuren" 06. "We Got A Thing That's In The Groove / The Capitols KAR" 07. "It Happens Everyday / The Lemon Drops" 08. "Willie And The Hand Jive / Wynder K. Frog" Side 02 01. "Mark Of Zorro / The Challengers" 02. "Mashed Potatoes / Adventurers" 03. "Purple Haze / Johnny Jones" 04. "Palladium (the hip) / Les Sparks" 05. "One Fine Day / Shel Naylor" 06. "Situation Sad / Finnigans Wake" 07. "Surf Train / Joey And The Showmen" 08. "Can't Ask No More/ Rocky Roberts"

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