Loud Pipes & Long Boards - Toes On The Nose - Pedal To The Metal

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Limited edition of only 300 copies on Red Baron Records. Rare 60's Surf, Drag & Hot Rod Music.

SIDE ONE:Chiyo & the Cresents - Devil Surf
The Mosriters - On The Run
The Polaras - Cricket
The Royal Guitar Ensemble - Diamond Head
The Gestics - Kahuna
Les Bourreaux - Surfin' Rope
The Vibrents - Fuel Injection
LeSabres Combo – Standby

The Squires - Batmobile
The Saints - Sand Storm
Les Cyclones - A Tombeau Ouvert
The Castaways - Vibrations
Les Jaguars - Attaque
The Ric-A-Shays - Groovy
The Freedom Riders - Ioempia
The Splinters - King Of The Bun-Ga-Loos

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