Woody Wagon - Vol. 5/Only Dancefloor Killers

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2020 on Sleazy. Last in the series.

The Woody Wagon series has pretended since its beginning to give the opportunity to less known compositions or songs that were unnoticed by many. Centered in material recorded between the end of the 50s and the end of the 60s, without pretending when possible to fell into the same styles. These five volumes give room to rockabilly, country, rhythm and blues, early soul, garage, teen rock’n’roll…. Trying to please the buyer and wanting to amaze or get them interested in these sounds. 

Side A:
A1 - The Shot Downs - Four inthe floor
A2 - The Chevrons - Good Good Lovin'
A3 - Ronnie Goode - Crazy Bait
A4 - The Rock Fellers - Orange Peel
A5 - Noel Deschamps - Pour le pie
A6 - Al Dean - Handman
A7 - Geo Lester - Cold Dark Night
A8 - Maylon Dewitt - Never, never

Side B:
B1 - Grady Lewis - Runaway Lover
B2 - Bill Vellin & the Shadows - What'll I Do
B3 - Jimmy Witter & the Shadows - My King of Woman
B4 - Dickie Loader - Rocky Road Blues
B5 - The Bellmonts - Walk on Boy
B6 - Bobby Darin - Similau
B7 - The Brothers - Lazy Susan
B8 - The Bee Bops - Wanderling Blue
B9 - The Locos - Malagueña salerosa



THE SHUT DOWNS – Four in the floor (Dimension D-1016)
Only work of this band lead by Kirby St.Roman (Buddy & The Hearts) and Scooty McKay (Rollin’ dynamite, Let’s do it, Midnight cryin’ time…). Both responsible for the composition and production of this accelerated instrumental rock and roll that opens this series’ volume 5. Released by Dimension rec. (NY) mid 1963.

THE CHEVRONS – Good good lovin’ (Sara 6381)
Milwaukee’s WI band formed by Dave Zadra, Ton Olivas, Fred Herrmann, Kent Vanslett and Jim Woelfel. They recorded this Good Good Lovin’ version, original by James Brown & The Famous Flames for Sara label, Cuca Rec, subsidiary in 1963. They accelerate the original’s rhythm turning it in a garage rock and roll that burns the dance floor at jive pace though the original was inflame enough.

RONNIE GOODE – Crazy bait (Demon FF 1510)
Ronnie Goode’s first single for Demon rec., Los Angeles, California, accompanied by Bobby Gross and his Orchestra and released in 1958. Energetic rhythm and blues with growly voice where the drums and sax keep the frenetic rhythm throughout the composition letting you go with the flow.

THE ROCK-FELLERS – Orange peel (Valor FF 2004)
WOW!!! If we talk about energy and dark atmosphere, themes like this Orange peel are clear examples. Released in 1959 in Valor, Demon rec. subsidiary from California. Saxophone, keyboard, guitars, after death voices, crazy chorus, make of this one a dance floor killer.

NOEL DESCHAPS – Pour le pied  (RCA Victor 86.179)
French musician that had his peak during the second half of 1960. Pour le pied was released in 1966, it is an interpreted adjustment of Keith Colley’s Bird Doggin’ popularized by Gene Vincent that same year. Garage rock killer, this French version moves to freakbeat field keeping loyal to Gene Vincent. Both are a delight.

AL DEAN – Hangman (Sonic 45-176)
Hangman, signed by Al Dean, was recorded at the end of the 60’s decade for Sonic label from Iowa, IGL rec., subsidiary, funded by members of Dee Jay and The Runaways. This is a dark country song where Al Dean’s voice gets together with feminine chorus and a deep guitar as protagonists of this composition. We are carried to the arid environment of the convict and the hangman. 

LESTER – Cold dark night (Pace 45-1014)
Recorded for Pace rec. label from Nashville, Tennessee in 1960. This is the only single recorded under George Lester’s name, later he signed other 45’s as Bobby Lee or Bob Leeds. George signs both songs included in this single. Cold Dark Nigh is a country rockabilly composition with a trotting rhythm and superb melodies that will soon become a favorite for many. Long time for this to see the light in this series.

MAYLON DeWITT – Never, never (Marteen 45-1001)
Maylon DeWitt Humphries was born in Kelly, Louisiana in 1935. Interested in country & western from Louisiana Hayride artists at 18 he moved to Shreveport with his family. Close friend of James Burton he joins Dale Hawkins’ Susie Q sessions in 1956 and he contributes clapping his hands for a shot for KWKH radio station. In 1957, Humphries records a demo of Worried about you baby with James Burton and Coach Floyd.
Maylon’s father sent a tape to Leonard Chess who showed interest and recorded several takes though finally it would remain stored in their archives since Leonard decided not to repeat an artist with similar register as Dale Hawkins. Mid 70’s it was released on error in a Dale Hawkins’ album.
After recording with Hal Goodson’s Raiders Blue day version in 1958 in California, Maylon returned to Shreveport in 1960. Far from the musical business, Stan Lewis, Leonard Chess confidant in Louisiana, persuaded Maylon to go back to the studio to record this song (released in Paula label), Never Never is presented here and closes the first side of this Woody Wagon vol. 5. A song signed by Maylon and the composer Sharon Sheeley who wrote songs for Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran and Glen Campbell among others. Produced by our protagonist and with a sound strongly influenced by Buddy Holly.


GRADY LEWIS – Runaway lover (Colonial 45-7010-V)
This side is opened with Grady Lewis, known for this Rompin’ Stompin’ recorded for Start rec. in 1960.
Runaway lover was his next single, in 1961 for Colonial rec., from North Carolina. A song signed by Grady Lewis. A teen joy with a hypnotic guitar and high-class rhythm. Addictive!!

BILL VELLINE & THE SHADOWS – What’ll I do (Vee 45-VR-1001)
Bill is Bobby Vee’s brother, part of The Shadows who accompanied Bobby at his beginnings. This is the second single by this band after Susie baby/Flyin’ high (Soma rec.) in which Bill is responsible for the guitars. Released in 1960 it is the first reference for Vee rec. label from Minnesota. Instead of signing it as Bobby Vee & The Shadows they released it as Bill Velline & The Shadows.
What’ll I do is signed by Bill and it is yet again another great rockabilly with paused rhythm and a deeper voice than his brother’s which rounds the piece. Curious and fantastic record.

JIMMY WITTER & THE SHADOWS – My kind of woamn (Neptune 118B)
Great song by Jimmy Witter, recorded for Neptune rec. from New Jersey in 1960. Nice Melody rockabilly written by Witter.
He was born in Charlotte NC. And named James Avery Witter. In 1956 released his first single in Elvis rec. label from Tennessee as Jimmy Witter & The Shadows, the tremendous rockabilly If you love my woman together with the wild instrumental AAAAAHHH, collectors valued piece. Jimmy worked in the radiophonic industry most of his life, he started as a Dj at the beginning of 1960 as Jimmy Witter and ended up being Ron Hart.

DICKIE LOADER & THE BLUE JEANS – Rocky road blues (Parlophone 45 SPD 248)
One of the best south African bands in the 60s, strongly influenced by British beat. Rocky road blues, original from Bill Monroe was versioned by a vast number of artists, Ronnie Self in 1957 or Gene Vincent in 1958 amongst others. This version dates 1962 and is based on the one recorded by Gene Vincent four years before though instrumentally the British influence that much swayed south Africans is patent. A Great and energetic version that will throw you to the dance floor without doubts.

THE BELMONTS – Walk on boy (Sabina 513)
Well yes, The Belmonts, group that accompanied Dion Dimucci at the beginning of this career and with a huge legacy after their divorce. Walk on boy is a version of the original recorded for Columbia rec. in 1960 by the country artist Mel Tillis, written by him and Wayne Walker. The Belmonts recorded it for Sabina in 1963, giving it more strength and replacing violins by a powerful organ and a great set of voices where these guys excel. Though the original by Mel Tillis is delicious here we have a clear example of how a version can surpass an original. A song that will burn the dance floor in any party.

BOBBY DARIN – Similau (Atlantic 45-6316)
If along this series I have included worldwide known artists such as Neil Sedaka or Paul Anka, in this issue we open the way for the eclectic Bobby Darin, who moved between different registries and styles during his career. Similau is a song composed by Arden Clar and Harry Coleman popularized by Gene Krupa’s orchestra in 1949. It has been long versioned by artists like Peggy Lee, Martin Denny, Cal Tjader… being the version recorded here released in 1964. Bobby Darin offers us a R&B Popcorn version with a strong exotic dose. An example of great songs interpreted by great artists.

THE BROTHERS – Lazy Susan (Argo 5318)
The Brothers were Dena Mathis ( Louise Aldine Mathis ) and Marc Mathis ( Marcus Felton Mathis ), from Georgia and members of Dale Hawkins band. Lazy Susan was released in 1958 by Argo rec. Chess subsidiary. Dale Hawkins shows as one of the composers of this song. A duet rockabilly, with sound like the Everly Brothers, perfectly accompanied by the instrumentation that culminates in an excellent guitar break. More than one will dare to shake her hips.

THE BEE BOPS – Wanderig blue (Key 209)

Weird garage rockabilly by the hand of The Bee Bops. Recorded in 1964 for Key rec. label from McMinnville, Tenn. Afterwards pressed in the Californian Dot rec. Wandering blue is a dynamic jive with exquisite melodies that turn it into a winner in the dance floor and your turntable.

THE LOCOS - Malagueña salerosa (CA 47-893 ) (bonus track)
Since this is the end of the Woody Wagon series, I wanted to add this song as a bonus track. Malagueña salerosa by The Locos (Los locos del ritmo), dated 1966 and recorded by RCA Victor during their successful USA tour. The beginnings of this Mexican band were left behind as they decided to shorten their name and the number of members looking for the sounds that triumphed those days in the old continent and also trying to record their own material.

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