Rocka Rolla - El Vidocq's Supreme

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12“ vinyl plus CD version! From the guys who brought you the O-Rama comps.

Never before has El Vidocq so devilishly delved into the musical world of 1950s’ bad boys. Rocka Rolla!!! A combative compilation of taboos and transgressions, evoking sex and violence, drugs and alcohol, all fueling a fiery thirst for rebellion. Frightened by The Wild One, music industry squares tried to hit back with reassuring melodies like ‘I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent’ (Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers) – but all too little, too late, for the rock ‘n’ roll rot had set in and society would never again be the same. Rocka Rolla!!!
From King Coleman’s barking ‘Bulldog’ to The Crew’s explosive ‘Hot Wire’, this selection snakes amongst tormented souls (Gene Summer’s ‘Nervous’), frayed nerves (‘The Freeze’ by Fenton and the Castle Rockers) and utter despair (Cecil Mc Cullough’s ‘Nothing Else To Loose’). Finally, the crepuscular ‘Rollin and Tumblin’ by Elmore James announces the night, but dancing not’s dead, as evidenced by Warner Mac’s mad ‘Roc-a-Chicka’. Rocka Rolla!!! Undoubtedly the darkest Jukebox Music Factory to date, this chutzpadik anthology is nevertheless full of fight. Rocka Rolla!!!

1. King Coleman - Bulldog
2. Fenton & The Castle Rockers - The Breeze
3. Jimmy & Stan - Tahiti
4. Ron & Joe & The Crew - Riot In Cell Block No. 9
5. Jules Blattner & His Teen Tones - Gamblin' Man
6. Warner Mack - Roc-A Chicka
7. Quintet Plus - Grits 'n Grease
8. The Sentinals - Blue Booze

1. Jimmy Van Eaton - Foggy
2. Clyde McCullough - Nothing Else To Lose
3. The Mystic - Fox
4. Jerry Jaye - How Could You Lose Your Trust In Me
5. Elmore James - Rollin' And Tumblin'
6. The Rockin' R's - The Beat
7. Gene Summers - Nervous
8. The Crew - Hot Wire

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