TT Syndicate - Vol.1/One Night Stands

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On Sleazy Records. Limited edition: 500 copies!!! And numbered.

All In
One Night Stands

Porto, Portugal – A growing sensation in the world of Rhythm and Soul, TT Syndicate proudly announce a new set of self-penned recordings that kick-off with One Night Stands, the band’s debut 45 on Malaga based record label Sleazy Records. 
Sharing an enormous love on 45 rpm singles and record collecting, TT Syndicate have prepared a set of six singles which will be released during the course of 2019. 
Six different recording sessions with six different moods that will become one LP, to be released by the end of the year.
One Night Stands is Rhythm and Blues, seasoned with a pinch of Latin arrangements, which tells the story of a troubled lowlife pole dancer who can’t resist falling for one night adventures. The flipside All In is a Popcorn flavored R&B Stroller with a dazzling trumpet solo that croons the winning streak of a gambling night.

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