Juicy Delights - 1950's & 1960's Rockabilly, Boppers & Wild Instrumentals!

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-31 tracks from original PEACH RECORDS singles, plus one unissued track
-Heavy quality sleeve with liner notes, rare pictures and label scans 
-Newly remastered sound 
-Direct Metal Master 
-Pressed by Pallas, Germany

Medium 2
Id Name Interpret
1 The World Belongs To Me Olen Little
2 The Cats Were Jumpin’ John Worthan
3 Take Off Like A Bird Ramblin’ Red Bailey
4 Red Light The Dandies
5 Strange Woman’s Love Johnny Worthan
6 Wahoo Arnold Bennett
7 Rockin’ The Guitar Jay Brown and the Jets
8 Hanky-Panky Jay Brown and the Jets
9 Memories Pat Cain
10 Town With Neon Signs Colman O’Neal
11 Oh Broken Hearted Me Ott Stevens
12 Mean Mean Baby Vernon Stewart
13 Let’s Move To The City Ray Godfrey
14 Twistin Guitar The Melo-Tones
15 Walking Charlie The Melo-Tones
16 Crazy Blue Jeans John Worthan
Medium 1
Id Name Interpret
1 She’s My Baby Leon Homes and his Georgia Ramblers
2 You’ve Always Got A Frown Ramblin’ Red Bailey
3 Pretty Baby Lewis Pruitt and the True Lads
4 I’m In A Daze Lewis Pruitt and the True Lads
5 China Doll Dappa Smith
6 This Little Girl (Has A Magic Touch) Lewis Pruitt and the True Lads
7 Evalina Maloney John Worthan
8 Too, Too Many John Worthan
9 Teenage Party Ted And Johnny
10 Wrapped In Green, Made For A Teen The Gates feat Bobby Ferguson
11 You’re No Good For Me Dorie Sudduth
12 Green Front Boogie The Del-Tones
13 Got A Crush Hubert Brown
14 Unfaithful Hubert Brown
15 Nitebeats Are Rocking The Nitebeats
16 Waiting At The Station Hoot Gibson

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