Wild Streak Rock`n'Roll - Vol. 2/Various Artists

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It is the most brutal, ugly, degenerate, vicious form of expression it has been my displeasure to hear.'' So said Frank Sinatra, and I think it will come as no surprise to anyone that, with that attitude, he is now dead. So there Frank. Wild Streak Rock n Roll Volume 2 celebrates another 18 cretinous goons, and acne ridden teenage combos, bugging and womb zombie-ing and Geraldine-ing for their own amusement and perhaps yours, though the drummer of the Ole Miss Downbeats (the exotically named Joe Smith) certainly sounds like Ol' Blue Eyes rolling in his grave. This killer Rock n Roll vinyl set was compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr, for Vee-Tone Records. Wild Streak Rock n Roll Volume 2 features 18 rare and obscure 50s/60s rockers from a cross section of artists and labels, from majors to small independents. Featuring some of the wildest Rock n Roll ever laid to wax, from primitive indie rockers to high production major label releases.

500 Limited Edition;

Compilation and liner notes by Radio DJ & TV Presenter Mark Lamarr;

Full colour inner sleeve with original 45 label shots;

Features hot rockers from Ronnie Self, Andy Anderson, The Four Tielman Brothers, Kip Tyler, Ronnie Pearson plus many more.

A1. Ronnie Self: Your So Right For Me
A2. Lee Mitchel & The Combo: Who's The Big Man
A3. The Dodgers & Johnny Angel: Come On Pretty Baby
A4. Andy Anderson: You Shake Me Up
A5. The Frantics: The Whip
A6. Billy Taylor & The Tear Drops: Wombie Zombie
A7. The Four Tielman Brothers: Rock Little Baby
A8. Jiv-A-Tones: Flirty Gertie
A9. Kip Tyler: Rumble Rock

B1. Jimmy Dee & The Offbeats: Here I Come
B2. Johnny Bell: The Third Degree
B3. Ronnie Pearson: Hot Shot
B4. Ole Miss Down Beats : Geraldine
B5. Ronnie Gill & The Pastel Keys: Geraldine
B6. The Sportmen: Sandstorm
B7. Terry & The Pirates: What Did He Say
B8. Phil Cay And The Bluenotes: Meet Me In The Barnyard
B9. The Blue Echoes: It's Witchcraft

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