Corn Fed - Vol. 4

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Fourth volume of the series of LP's that tips it's hat to the Country Hicks, Grandaddy's Rockin & Raw Meat compilations. 16 more Backwoods Rockabilly Boppers & Dusty Hick Country / Hillbilly Rockers.Only one of the tracks have ever been comp'd before on Vinyl and 11 out of the 16 tracks appear for the first time on any format.

High Quality Reverse Board mat cover.

A1. Bob Leers: Instant Love    
A2. Smokey Greene: Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor    
A3. Sharon Lee: No Deposit, No Return    
A4. Kentucky Shorty Long: Forget Her    
A5. Dell Shirley & Joe Brown & The Playetts: Paper Wad Kid    
A6. Johnny Ross: I'm Laughing    
A7. Bob Munson: Rock'N'Roll Wardance    
A8. Tommy Little: Mean Mean Woman    

B1. Eddie Marvin & The Country Kings: I'll Pretend    
B2. Bill Watson: You're The One For Me    
B3. Archie Poe: Big City    
B4. Chuck Lunsford: One More Mile    
B5. Bashful Bobby Wooten: Goin' Deer Huntin'    
B6. Sharlet Sexton: You Just Don't Turn Me On    
B7. L.C. Angel: Walking Out    
B8. Tammy Charles & Clita Raffel: Praise God

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