Primitive Rockabilly - Vol. 1

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LP Compilation on Be Sharp Records.

A1.- Doug Dickens - Raw Deal
A2.- Rabon Sanders - You Tore Your Playhouse Down
A3.- J.R. & Golden Nuggets - Lazy River Blues
A4.- Cliff Davis - Hard Hearted Girl
A5.- Ronnie Hines - I've Got A Woman
A6.- Linden Day - Sugar Rock
A7.- Tennessee Drifters - Chinese Maid
A8.- R.A. Faulk - My Baby's Gone

B1.- Rex Hale - Down At Big Mamas House
B2.- Night Hawks - You're My Baby
B3.- Trail Blazers - Grandpa's Rock
B4.- Roy Wayne - Honey Won't You Listen
B5.- Art Ontario - Wiggle Walkin' Boogie
B6.- Bobby Dean - The Amazon Dance
B7.- Billy Adkinson - Rock-A-Mo
B8.- Tom Crook - Weekend Boogie

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