Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers - Various Artists

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“Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers - Hop, Skip And Jump” focuses on the greatest era of Black Gospel music, the 50s and early 60s. As the title implies, this release contains some of the wildest Black Gospel ever recorded, the torrid opening track “I Wanna Be Ready” by The Rev. H.B. Crum And The Mighty Golden Keys pretty much sets the tone for the entire album. What makes this album very special is that it focuses on the “wild side” of Black Gospel, which is but a stone’s throw from Soul & Rock n Roll at its wildest and best. If you’re looking for silky smooth Gospel this definitely isn’t the album for you! Featuring record labels including Savoy, Gospel, Peacock, Checker, Sue etc. this beautifully presented Limited Edition (only 500 pressed), 180g, 12” vinyl album includes sleeve notes by Mark Lamarr along with detailed session discography. The influence of Black Gospel music on Rock n Roll cannot be underestimated and this album clearly demonstrates the cross over between non secular and secular music in the 50s & 60s. Absolutely essential listening for collectors of Soul, Black Gospel & Rhythm & Blues.

  • Compiled by Radio DJ and TV Presenter Mark Lamarr

  • Comprehensive liner notes by Mark Lamarr

  • Full session discography

  • Limited Edition 500 1st press

  • Deluxe 180g vinyl collector’s edition

Side 1
1. I Wanna Be Ready (Gospel 1031) Rev. H.B Crum & The Mighty Golden Keys
2. I Know The Lord (Savoy 4169) Rev. Lawrence Roberts & His Angelic Choir
3. Hop Skip And Jump (Gospel 1047) Blind Boys Of Alabama
4. Soon I'll Be Done With The Troubles Of The World (Checker LP10003) Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi
5. John The Revelator (Gospel 1004) Gate City Singers Of Philadelphia
6. Make It In (Gospel 1056) The Caravans
7. Working For My Jesus (Sue LP 3001) National Independent Gospel Singers
8. What You Gonna Do 'bout Me (Savoy 4105) Prof. Charles Taylor And The Taylor Singers
9. Burying Ground (Peacock 1765) The Nightingales (aka The Sensational Nightingales)

Side 2
1. Go Tell Him What You Want (Gospel 1037) Voices Of Jordan
2. My Wonderful Counselor (Savoy 4088) The Davis Sisters (aka Famous Davis Sisters)
3. I'm Bound (Ultraphonic 50338) Grace Gospel Singers
4. Jesus Said It (Savoy 4052) Heavenly Lights
5. Lord, Lord, Lord (Galaxy 708) The Apollos featuring Hiram Walker (aka The Appollos/Apollas)
6. Glory, Glory (to His name) (Audio Fidelity LP 1921) Rev. Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore And His Gospel Singers
7. I'll Shout When I Get Home (Gospel 1064) Imperial Gospel Singers
8. Guide Me (Rev 116) Soul Finders Of Newark
9. Testimonial Service (Peacock 1836) Gospel Consolators

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