Monster-O-Rama - Vol. 2

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12“ vinyl plus CD version! From the guys who brought you the O-Rama comps.

It would take demented El Vidocq no less than two years of accursed fiddling to perfect this Monster-O-Rama Vol2, a flagship compilation for the Jukebox Music Factory. As a sinister intro, The Moontrekkers’ damned ditty “Night of the Vampire” diffuses a bone-chilling mist and the stage is set… Baron Deamon’s frigid surf riffs send shivers up the spine, while the freakish doo-wop by Hollywood Flames is frankly Frankensteinian... Rockabilly, Twist, R’n’R, Cha-Cha (Renato Rascel) and even cryptal Calypso with the otherworldly “Zombie Jamboree” by Harold (Digby) McNair… Lugubrious laughter and shrieks of terror punctuate this sonorous Styx of twisted themes, rare gems and audacious mixes. But this horrific compilation is also a real beaut, sporting a superb jacket signed Jampur Fraize. All the morbid morsels, for the most part resurrected from long forgotten graves, haven’t lost their certain putrid something even after all these years. The Cramps’ Lux and Ivy found them atrociously perfect for their collection, as do we. Happy Halloween!

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