Keb Darge & Sounds That Swing - presents The Rockabilly Crown Jewels

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12" vinyl plus free CD.

Here we have the very first, 100% rockabilly compilation to be minted by the Juke Box Music Factory. And what a compilation! Crafted by a true 45-tour aficionado, a lover of rhythm, of authentic sounds, and – most importantly –of quality music. None other than His Highness, Keb Darge! After seducing us in the mid ‘90s with his trailblazing “Legendary Deep Funk” and “Funk Spectrum”, followed by his 2010 curveball “Legendary Rockin R’n’B”, the ever impeccably coiffed DJ delved body and soul into the origins of rockabilly. The revelation occurred in Japan (where else!), where following his little lady into a club, Darge was knocked over (albeit belatedly) by the “Rockabilly Boogie”of Johnny Burnette. Sayonara Northern Soul, so long rare funk. Keb duly rolled up his sleeves and made up for lost time, churning out 5 furious volumes for his “Legendary Wild Rockers” series. A stampeding collection corralled in collaboration with Little Edith (the little lady in question). Today, Keb Darge forsakes his traditional partner, BBE, to offer our friend El Vidocq the perfect rockabilly selection. This time produced with his old bud Neil Scott (first-rate collector of Rockabilly, met at a Camden market and owner of the record shop “Sounds That Swing”), “The Rockabilly Crown Jewels”is every bit as juicy as Keb’s previous salvos. Indeed, this compilation comprises only the choicest morsels. Thanks, Keb!

side A
1. Charles Ross - Little Bit Lonesome
2. Larry Terry - Hep Cat
3. Billy Adams - Rock, Pretty Mama
4. Rick Rickels - I’m Gone
5. Bobby Hodge And The Rainbow Rangers - Gonna Take My Guitar
6. Tiny Tim And His Tornadoes – I've Gotta Find Someone
7. Jerry Dove And His String Busters - Pink Bow Tie
8. Jimmy Stayton & Country Cats - You're Gonna Treat Me Right

side B
1. The Reactors - She's A Queen
2. Jimmy Piper - Bonfire
3. Mack Banks And The Drifting Troubadours - Be Boppin Daddy
4. Gene Criss And The Hep Cat - Hep Cat Baby
5. Billy Prager & His Caravans - Do It Bop
6. Jimmy Stewart And The Night Hawks - Nuthin But A Nuthin
7. Jerry Arnold And The Rhythm Captain - High Class Baby
8. Buddy Philips With Rockin Ramblers - Coffee Baby

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