Shake-O-Rama - Vol. 3

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12“ vinyl plus CD version!

Historically, the “Shake-O-Rama” compilations have been the most frenetic, occasionally the most hysterical, often the most irresistible of El Vidocq’s lovingly selected series. This is also the first series to boast a 3rd album and so, in accordance with tradition, the artwork changes hands: Alexandre Clerisse (creator of the comic books: L’été diabolik, L’empire de l’atome) here demonstrates his inimitable finesse and delicacy.
As for the album, you couldn’t ask for greater diversity. R&B with Betty Renne, Soul with Rudy Lewis, Latin Jazz with Bobby and Billy, Jump Blues with Louis Jordan, Calypso with Lord Flea, Boogaloo with Roy Lee Johnson, Rock’n Roll with Red (hot) Russel… This variety, this extraordinary wealth of talent is symptomatic of this prolific period that gave birth to both one-hit wonders (Anna Belle Caesar, The Check Mates) and discographic giants with long respected careers (John Lee Hooker, Louis Jordan).
The tracklisting is impeccable, the cover refined, and the groove and love, joy and folly overflowing. An indispensable compilation!

Side A
1. The Check Mates - Hey Mrs Jones Part 1
2. Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie
3. Rudy Lewis - Baby I Dig Love
4. Roy Lee Johnson - Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze
5. John Lee Hooker - She’s Mine
6. Louis Jordan - Big Bess
7. Bobby And Billy - Pachanga Baby
8. Lord Flea - Shake Shake Sonora

Side B
1. The Adventurers - My Mama Done Tole Me
2. Gino Parks - E Thing
3. Jessie Mae - Don’t Freeze On Me
4. Betty Renne - Bye Bye Baby
5. Kai Ray - Trashmans Blues
6. Red (Hot) Russel - Stop
7. Matt Lucas - I’m Movin’ On
8. Tasso (the Great) Kain - Castroes Beat

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