Slow Grind Fever - Vol. 8

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Volume #8 in this amazing series of slow grinding R&B/Soul/Exotica tunes as they are being played in a club in Melbourne/Australia.
Around midnight on the last Saturday of every month, an assemblage of juiceheads, grifters, kittens, dandies and derelicts gather in a dimly-lit, smoke-filled room and dance together real slow. These are some of the records we dance to... Thanks to all the flute players and backing singers of yore for flavouring these old records up just like we like them. (Richie1250/Melbourne, 2018)
Compilation and liner notes by SGF/mastermind Richie1250.

Side 1.
A1. Johnnie Ray – Lotus Blossom (Columbia, 1957)
A2. Rudy Moore – Let Me Come Home (Federal, 1956)
A3. The Chestnuts – Don't Go (Mercury, 1954)
A4. Frances Faye – Fever / Barney Google (Gnp, 1959)
A5. Marilyn Brown – Walk On The Wild Side (Dra, 1962)
A6. The Ideals – Magic (Paso, 1961)
A7. La Mont Anthony – Just To Be Loved (Check-mate, 1961)

Side 2.
B1. Earl Haynes – My Buddy's Got My Baby (Ron, 1960)
B2. Eddie Cash – Lonely Island (Roulette, 1961)
B3. Allen Page – Sugar Tree (Moon, 1958)
B4. The Chas Mcdevitt Skiffle Group Ft. Nancy Whiskey – Face In The Rain (Oriole, 1957)
B5. Debby Moore – I Get A Feeling (Top Rank, 1960)
B6. Eddie Cooley – Fever (Mgm, 1961)
B7. Percy Mayfield – The Voice Within (Specialty, 1955)

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