Louderdales - En El Valle De Los Perdidos

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Based in Aachen/Germany, Louderdales started out in 2009 as a bunch of friends not knowing where the road might lead to. Influenced by almost any guitar driven music from the past 60 years, they got hooked on Americana & alt. Country music. Spiced with Morricone-like Guitar scraps and a dash of old fashioned Rock'n'Roll, the striking honky-tonky voice of lead singer Joe tells stories from the world of Outlaws and failed lives. As every bandmate is around in the music scene for many years, hitting european and worldwide stages with bands like The Bloodstrings, Cave 4, Pigheaded and Ray Collins’ Hot Club, Louderdales are always prepared to saddle their horses and burn down your barn!
Since 2010, Louderdales shared the stage with Americana & Country acts like Bob Wayne, Chip Hanna and Jenny Don’t & The Spurs. 2011, Louderdales laid down 13 tracks that have been released as CD/LP
titled "Songs of No Return" on Crazy Love Records in early 2012. This new album was recorded in 2016 and is released by Sleazy Records.

Side A:
A Bad One
Hard Times
Just Like California
Going Home
Gotta Go
Glody Days
Outlaws Honeymoon

Side B:
Slow Jack Greedo
When I Fall Asleep
No Need To Complain
Saludos De La Cueva Moca
Bad News From Home
Truckstop Butterfly