George Jones - Why Baby Why

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10“ in a gatefold sleeve with historical info. Appears on the new Richard Weize Archives Label, the founder of Bear Family Records.

George Jones greatest successes lay ahead of him when he performed the tracks in this collection – his first number one was just around the corner – and his voice would mature to almost unimagined depth, but there remains something special about his early years, a yet unjaded passion and an unadulterated authenticity that would arguably disappear in the coming years. Even as his voice matured and his abilities deepened, something else was lost which many find in vintage recordings like these.
This rare glimpse of George Jones at his early peak serves as something of a companion to BEAR FAMILY's box set chronicling the complete recordings of Jones STARDAY-MERCURY years, from 1954-61. The ten live tracks on this LP straddle the 1956-57 period when Jones, having broken through on STARDAY, switched to major label MERCURY via a deal between the two labels that had largely been made possible by Jones' success on STARDAY. It captures him not only singing his earliest hits, but also singing songs of his contemporaries, in wonderful fidelity, including Ernest Tubb's classic Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello that he never recorded commercially.

Shaun Mather, Now Dig This UK
"Not only are the releases important historically, they're beautifully packaged with quality liner notes, gatefold sleeves and have all the hallmarks of the very best Bear Family releases of yore ... This is a special release and one of the most exciting albums I've heard in a long time. The front cover photo is superb. This is a must-have item."

Why Baby Why

Gonna Come Get You


Too Much Water

Don't Stop The Music

You Gotta Be My Baby

Tall Tall Trees

Hearts In My Dream

Boat Of Life

Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello