Ray Campi - Austin, Texas 1949-1950

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10“ in a gatefold sleeve with historical info. Appears on the new Richard Weize Archives Label, the founder of Bear Family Records.

The incredible musical saga of Ray Campi, spanning more than 65 years and still going strong, commenced with the previously unheard contents of this album, waxed long before the advent of the rockabilly genre that he's world-renowned for helping to keep thriving. In 1949-50, when Ray and his pals laid down these eight splendid sides at his cousin's house on an Audio Disc recorder, his hometown of Austin, Texas was dominated by straightahead country music. That's what Campi, then only in his mid-teens, sang as well. Quite convincingly, too.

Shaun Mather, Now Dig This UK
"Not only are the releases important historically, they're beautifully packaged with quality liner notes, gatefold sleeves and have all the hallmarks of the very best Bear Family releases of yore ... This excellent release should find favour with lovers of early country music, not just Campi completists"

  1. I Won't Put That Ring On Your Finger

  2. Leavin' And Grievin'

  3. Shatterproof Heart

  4. Disc Jockey Cactus

  5. The Rambling Rag

  6. Toe Tappin' Rhythm

  7. I'd Love To Love You

  8. Hawaiian Chimes