Del Shannon - Greatest Hits & Finest Performances

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FORMAT 12″ LP • 180g Vinyl • Gatefold cover

Del Shannon is known as the Runaway hitmaker of 1961, with a string of hits to follow in the early ’60s.
One story that may not be as well known is that he was the first American artist to record and release a Lennon/McCartney composition in From Me To You in the summer of 1963. Shannon’s version charted higher than The Beatles’ original on the U.S. charts that summer, a song that Shannon had produced himself! Del’s first attempt producing a session tasted sweet and he wanted to explore that opportunity more in depth. Del Shannon cut ties briefly with his managers in the latter half of ’63 and wrote, recorded, produced, and released his own records for a stint on his own label, albeit short-lived, BER-LEE RECORDS.
Two songs from those BER-LEE sessions never were released, until now!
Sourced from the original mono master tape, we proudly present Flat No. 3 by Shannon for the first time anywhere, a song that has sat in the can for over 50 years going unheard, and features Shannon singing to a Twisting beat, complete with a trumpet solo, something completely out of his repertoire.
The other composition is Give Her Lots Of Lovin’, heard here for the first time anywhere without Del’s harmonies. This song was later released as the B-side to Handy Man after harmonies were added and a stronger backbeat and percussion helped to thicken the sound.
This LP highlights Shannon’s other self-produced early sides along with a handful of his hits to keep things fun! Pick it up!

  1. Runaway (mono Mix)

  2. Hats Off To Larry

  3. Hey! Little Girl (Mono Mix)

  4. Little Town Flirt

  5. Handy Man

  6. Keep Searchin'

  7. Stranger In Town

  8. Move It On Over

  9. From Me To You

  10. Sue's Gotta Be Mine

  11. Now She's Gone

  12. That's The Way Love Is

  13. Time Of The Day

  14. Give Her Lots Of Lovin' (Alternate Take)

  15. Flat No. 3 (Previously Unissued)

  16. I Go To Pieces

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