Monster-O-Rama - Various Artists

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Boo! It’s October and once again Halloween heralds its host of horrible monsters and terrifying creatures. Just in time and ever faithful to his 45 RPMs, El Vidocq has concocted a monstrous playlist. The 1950s and ‘60s were a frighteningly creative period for both cinema and music. Indeed, both worlds were intimately intertwined, as melodiously illustrated here by Lon Chaney (The Unknown) with his “Monster Holidays”. No style lags behinds, from the surf rock of The Noblemen to the cha cha cha of Bruno Martino, the rockabilly of Jim Burgett to the big band jazz of Jackie Jocko… not to mention a dose of parody with the laughing monster of The Cliff Dweller. Get ready to rock and rumble with Frankenstein and Dracula and a hungry horde of zombies, dragons and other horrifying houseguests. Sensitive souls best head to the hills! Wah ha ha ha!!

Side A:

1. The Upperclassmen - Cha Cha With The Zombies

2. The Noblemen - Dragon Walk

3. Sharkey Todd & His Monsters -The Horror Show

4. Jim Burgett - The Living Dead

5. The Nightmares - The Nightmare!

6. Lon Chaney - Monster Holiday

7. Jackie Jocko With Georges Siravo & His Orchestra - Haunted Lover

8. The Salmas Brothers - Zombie

Side B:

1. The Frantics - Werewolf

2. Orchestra Bruno Martino - Dracula Cha Cha

3. Bela La Goldstein - Old Boris

4. John Zacherle -The Cool Ghoul Dinner With Drac. Part 1

5. Big Jay Mcneely & Band - Psycho Serenade

6. Bobby Please & The Pleasers - The Monster

7. The Five Sounds - Clumsy Dragon

8. The Cliff Dwellers - The Ho-Ho Laughing Monster

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