Woody Wagon - Vol. 2

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An LP of original sought after dancefloor fillers from way back when! Full action original 50's Rockabilly – Rock'n'Roll boppers!! 


Side A:
The Vibra-Sonics - Thunder Storm
Los Rogers - Yo No Se
Rodney & The Blazers - Wrinkles
Scotty McKay - Let's Do It
Ronnie Self - Instant Man
Lee Denson - Devil Doll
The Barbarians - You've Got To Understand
Jerry And The Rialtos - Whatcha Gonna Do

Side B:
Nancy Holloway - Tu n'es Pas Venu
The Cascades - I Dare You To Try
Merv Benton - Cincinnati Fireball
The Searchers - I'm Ready (Estoy Listo)^
Prentice Moreland - Holly Mack'rel
Neil Sedaka - Too Late
Eddie Quinteros - Come On Little Girl
Paul Hampton - Please Love Me