Summertime - Journey To The Center Of The Song

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Stag-O-Lee presents the third volume in a series called Journey to the Centre of the Song, celebrating one song at a time, and it’s many guises and interpretations.After Taboo (Vol. 1) and Fever (Vol. 2) follows Summertime.

Linernotes: “Written by George Gershwin and his brother Ira for their opera Porgy & Bess in 1934, this song has become part of the American Songbook and been covered in many styles and genres.
From Rodney And The Blazers' upbeat surf'strumental shaker to the sweet and soulful Sam Cooke, from the Rock`n´Roll stroller by Rick Nelson that inspired Deeo Purple's Black Night, to the latin-infused intro by Edmundo Ross.“

Side A.
1. Troy Walker
2. Rodney And The Blazers
3. Mack IV
4. Ricky Nelson
5. Gatemouth Brown
6. Ronny Hawkins

Side B.
1. Jimmy Randolph
2. Gene Vincent
3. Tommy Navarro and the Sundialers
4. Edmundo Ross
5. Sam Cooke
6. Marty Robbins

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