Jukebox Fever - Vol. 1 * 1956 / Deranged Dime-A-Disc Delights

10" + CD
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First volume in a new limited edition series on Stag-O-Lee. A series of ten-inch records done chronologically by year. All featuring rare and cool 45s that might have made their way onto a dusty jukebox in the middle of nowhere. Primal Rock ‘n’ Roll, Super Rare Rockabilly and Rambunctious R&B.

Rock ‘n’ roll had been gestating for some years. A collision of R&B, blues and hillbilly country, it spawned a monster that, in 1956 had many different heads and came in a variety of flavours. Jukeboxes all over the globe were being bent out of shape. Three songs could change everything… Forever. Compiled and annotated by Dave Henderson (Mojo, Righteous Records, etc.).

Each volume is pressed on limited edition 10” vinyl and comes with a free CD plus bonustracks for the highway cruise in your big block V8.

1.01 - Mabel King - Alabama Rock 'n' Roll
1.02 - The Willows - Don't Push Don't Pull Don't Shove
1.03 - Otis Blackwell - Let The Daddy Hold You
1.04 - Dusty Owens And Donna Darlene With The Rodeo Boys - It's Goodbye And So Long
1.05 – The Peace River Rangers (Featuring Bob Regan Guitar) - Teen Age Boogie
1.06 - Roy Moss-You’re My Big Baby Now

2.01 - Mac Curtis - If I Had Me A Woman
2.02 - Sonee West - Rock-Ola Ruby
2.03 - Donna Darlene - You're Not Doin' Me Right
2.04 - Abbie Neal And Her Ranch Girls (Vocal By Betty Brent) - I'll Take Back That Heartache
2.05 - Jimmy Nolen - The Way You Do
2.06 - Lattie Moore - Juke Box Johnnie

Boogaloo And His Gallant Crew - Talk About A Party
Lattie Moore - Pretty Woman Blues
The Creel Sisters - Stop The Clock Rock

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